Server Requirements
You will need to make sure your server meets the following requirements:
  • PHP Version : 7.4.15+
  • Apache services.
  • MYSQL 5.7.23+ recommended (If your SQL server type is MYSQL).
  • Maria DB 10.4+ recommended (If your SQL server type is Mariadb).
Also make sure that Following php extensions installed on your server if not install then you can install it from WHM or using SSH or if you do not have access to this then you need to contact hosting provider with extension name.
If following settings are not correct head over to your server and edit the php.ini settings
  • If you have cPanel based hosting then on dashboard you should have menu call PHP INI editor or Multi PHP manager.
  • If you having hosting like Digital Ocean then follow this link and method 2 and after open php.ini file change the following : max_exeuction_time : 300
    memory_limit : -1 or 1G
    post_max_size : 1G
    upload_max_size : 1G
    Save the php.ini file and headover to installation part.
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